AkoWebApproval – even higher level of customer service

28 June 2021

Remote management of the process of preparing graphic files for printing using a simple and intuitive system? Yes! At Akomex Group, we meet our customers’ expectations by facilitating the management of files, saving your time and facilitating communication with our employees.


AkoeWebApproval is a solution dedicated to handling activities related to approval of graphic files. The portal allows for safe, fast, efficient, and effective management of cooperation between a client and printing house and significantly shortens correction approval time. Importantly, only Internet access is sufficient for its operation.

AkoWebApproval allows several people to have simultaneous access to projects in real time. This means significantly shortening the path of the file from the moment it is prepared by our graphic designer to the moment it is approved by the customer. In addition, independent access for several users gives the opportunity to verify the progress of graphic work and exchange of information with all interested parties in one place.

Simplifying cooperation on the management of graphic files and systematising communication with customers does not only save valuable time, which is particularly important in the case of urgent orders, but above all gives customers a sense of security and comfort that everything needed will be found in one easily accessible place, emphasises Daniel Stosik, Head of the Akomex Graphic Studio.

Files have a very high resolution and are legible, which makes their approval faster and simpler. It is also extremely easy to add annotations and proposals for changes. Remote tracking of progress significantly accelerates the duration of the operation. The system is also extremely sensitive to identifying errors.

AkoWebApproval means saving time and increasing the effectiveness of cooperation in the preparation of graphic files. The undoubted asset of this portal is the considerable elimination of errors. Remote access allows to view the file change history. The additional system allows to verify the order information base as well as the entire library of files, including those already approved.

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