Ecological barrier solutions

28 June 2021

Ecology is becoming an integral part of our lives. Taking care of the environment is a challenge that production companies must also face. Akomex Group has long been working to protect the environment by ensuring sustainable development, using ecological solutions not only in the area of production, but also in the administrative structures. Do you want to know how we do this?


Akomex Group, as a cardboard packaging manufacturer, offers an excellent alternative to plastic packaging, as cardboard products have a huge pro-ecological value. At Akomex Group we also ensure that production takes place in a sustainable manner. When modernising the machinery park, we pay great attention to the fact that the new machines we choose actually use less paint or varnish. We also pay attention to eliminating, wherever possible, electricity and water consumption. We care about the energy balance in our factories.

Ecological barrier solutions that we effectively implement make it possible to eliminate plastic from packaging, preserving its key properties. Thanks to this, the manufacturer obtains an alternative solution in 100% from the cardboard box – easy to recycle, convenient for the consumer and beneficial for the environment. Akomex effectively eliminated plastic from barrier packaging in sectors such as meat, dairy, bakery or food service. Furthermore, in our offer, we realise the expectations of the market, meeting its needs and creating biodegradable AKO-CleanPack laminated trays, using thinner films, glue with a lower content of chemicals, and we effectively carry out projects with the use of raw material certified by the FSC.

The choice of suppliers is also a very important and often neglected aspect in terms of green activities. At Akomex Group, we focused on suppliers whose factories are located as close as possible to our sites. In addition, we cooperate with transport companies that have a new car fleet. In this way, we reduce fumes emissions and, maximally optimising transport, we actually reduce the number of kilometres travelled. Our employees, at each stage of the contract, ensure that the implementation is optimised as much as possible. In addition, we have invested in the preparation of special, reusable product files which are dedicated to a specific product, and which contain detailed product information and can be used for any resumption of production. This means much less printing of new materials, which in turn translates primarily into paper savings.

Our employees successfully apply waste segregation, and we also care about recycling of production waste. The continuous improvement in the optimisation of raw material use for procurement allows us to significantly reduce the amount of waste. We are delighted to see growth in the use of recycled raw materials. We are pleased that our customers are increasingly aware of these raw materials in their decision making process, emphasises Szymon Polkowski, DrukPak Production Director.

In cooperation with customers, we have focused on electronic invoices. This solution has allowed us to significantly reduce paper and toners, and we are currently working with most customers using this method of invoicing.

An important step in green measures was also the reduction of printed marketing materials. Currently, we make these materials available in electronic form. We are also working on further solutions that will allow us to remain active in the marketing activities that are going to be still pro-ecological. We would like Akomex Group to become an example of a manufacturing company that successfully reconciles rapid development with care for the environment, says Tomasz Siepielski, Vice President for Sales and Marketing.

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