The dreams of our Customers are the inspiration for our work

22 March 2021

The dreams of our Customers are the inspiration for our work. To make these dreams come true, apart from the team of qualified specialists, we also need machines that allow high quality, modern and fast production in line with the expectations. Expansion of the machine park is a natural consequence of the company’s development, which DrukPak is experiencing year after year to an increasing extent.

The year 2020 was for Akomex Group, including the DrukPak plant, a year of ambitious plans and objectives which, despite the pandemic, the company managed to achieve and, what is worth stressing, keep the company on the growth path. Despite the pandemic, the Group maintained its high level of service supporting customers in difficult times of market unpredictability and volatility, while remaining flexible and, importantly, maintaining the continuity of supply chains.

The year 2021, although extremely unpredictable, will be a year of further development and
expansion to new emerging markets. In 2021, DrukPak will also implement many investments, which are mainly related to the expansion of production and warehouse areas. The plans include, among others, the expansion of the production and warehouse hall as well as further development of the machine park, including the purchase of a printing machine and a die-cutter. The work related to the expansion of the plant will start later this quarter and will last longer than one year. On the other hand, investments in the development of the machine part are scheduled for the beginning of the second quarter this year. Production will start at the beginning of 2022.

The main goal of our activities is to efficiently, i.e. in the shortest possible time, provide the best service and high quality product to every customer who places an order with us. Our everyday work is focused on being able to produce and deliver as many pieces of packaging as our customers need. We can already produce over a billion of them a year, however, the development strategy, consistently implemented for several years, including the investment plan, will undoubtedly increase our capacity. The investments which we plan to start in the nearest future allow automation of devices, which in turn translates into increased efficiency of production processes, providing the maximum optimization of process and logistic flows, so that the production of packaging takes place in a single hall from the beginning to the end.

The estimated value of the investment amounts to PLN 42 million and relates to the already planned activities, but it is certainly not the end of expenses and future projects.

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