Purchasing policy at Akomex Group

24 September 2020

Recently, it has become clear that the activities of Akomex Group are extremely resilient to crisis situations in the market. Despite the unstable conditions associated with the spread of coronavirus, the Group’s factories have operated continuously, at full capacity, guaranteeing continuity of the supply chain even in difficult and unforeseen circumstances. This success is a result of, among other things, an effectively implemented purchasing strategy.

Pillars of the purchasing strategy

The main objective of Akomex Group’s purchasing strategy is to ensure the availability of products and flexibility in the supply of raw materials. Its pillars include quality, building lasting relationships with suppliers and a broad raw material base. These elements make it possible to produce packaging which meets the highest standards and requirements, as well as maintain the supply chain even in difficult situations.

Quality is a priority

One of the foundations of Akomex Group is quality. In the purchasing process it is more important than price. It is considered in two aspects. Firstly, it concerns suppliers. All of them are verified reliably both at the selection stage and periodically during the cooperation. This is guaranteed by an internal multi-stage qualification process and a cyclical evaluation system in which the Group’s customers also participate. Secondly, it is closely related to the product itself. Raw materials and components, on the basis of which the packaging is produced, must be fully safe, certified and comply with specific requirements. Therefore, they undergo a qualification process, production tests and finally research in independent institutions. These procedures translate into the Group companies’ compliance with the highest norms and standards, which in effect guarantees product safety.

Partner relationships with suppliers

The purchasing policy is mainly based on building lasting relations with the leading producers and suppliers of raw materials and components in the world. One of the key elements is the location of their factories and distribution networks in strategic locations from the point of view of ensuring continuity and flexibility of deliveries to the production plants in Starogard Gdański and Aleksandrów Kujawski. As a result, the delivery time of raw materials is short. – We are glad to have trusted and reliable suppliers at hand. Using their offer, we can support local businesses and react quickly to unexpected situations – says Magdalena Rybicka, Group Procurement Manager, Akomex Group.

Cooperation with the world’s key manufacturers provides the Group with many benefits – including active participation in testing and implementing new solutions (thanks to which it has a direct impact on the development of the industry). The list of suppliers is diversified, therefore, in unpredictable situations (such as extended lead times or technical failures), the purchasing department of the Akomex Group can freely take advantage of alternative manufacturers. – The most important issue for us is partnership cooperation with suppliers, based on mutual trust and support, which results in mutual benefits. Thanks to this, the production process runs smoothly, without interruptions, and the order is delivered to the customer on the agreed date, adds Magdalena Rybicka.

Know-how and purchase management 

All the experience, procedures and knowledge gained in Akomex Group over the years make it easier to anticipate market phenomena and customer behaviour. Based on experience and conducted analyses, the implemented purchasing strategy allows to secure the raw material before a customer order is placed. Thanks to that, the waiting time for the order execution is shortened as much as possible and the factories are always ready.

The raw material needed for “now”

Both external relations with suppliers and internal cooperation within the Group are the links connecting the production chain. With a higher demand for raw materials at one of the Group’s factories, material can be quickly delivered there using the resources of another factory – and vice versa.

Development of purchasing processes

Akomex Group constantly focuses on optimising its purchasing processes. Their aim is to continuously strive to increase flexibility and optimise costs while ensuring continuity of supply. All of this is aimed at satisfying the customer, who, when ordering the production of packaging in the factories of Akomex Group, can count on really competitive lead time.

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