Skin tray – a novelty in the offer of Akomex Group

9 July 2020

With the environment and, above all, customer satisfaction in mind, Akomex Group expands its offer with another innovative product – skin trays. This is a modern solution, with a reduced plastic content while maintaining special barrier properties. An additional advantage is the possibility to print any graphics on both sides of the tray.

Skin tray. What is it?
The base of the skin tray is a cardboard printed on both sides. Its upper part is additionally laminated with foil. The design of such a tray can be fully customized, in terms of graphics, size and shape.

For whom?
Trays can be used in the food industry (meat, fish, cheese, etc.), cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and electronics. However, due to the use of the highest quality materials and inks characterized by low migration, they are especially recommended for food products. Barrier properties which prolong freshness time and storage of food products are their advantage. The certificates obtained by the Akomex Group guarantee that the packaging produced in Akomex does not pose any threat to the packed products. They are safe, functional and visually attractive.

The cardboard for the skin tray comes from renewable sources. Additionally, thanks to a well thought-out design in the final packaging, the amount of plastic and petrochemical materials is significantly reduced. An important aspect is also the fact that the end user can easily separate the foil from the cardboard after the product is used up, and put both components into appropriate waste segregation bins.

Product characteristics:
– pro-environmental solution
– barrier properties extending the shelf-life of food products
– reduced plastic content
– duplex printing
– size and shape tailored to customer’s needs

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