Akomex Group – packaging with a sustainable touch

10 June 2020

Without a doubt, packaging industry is developing in a dynamic way. Consumer’s expectations, trends and legal regulations are constantly changing. This requires active observation of changes in market requirements and accurate forecasting of future scenarios. At the same time, producers from different industries ask themselves a question: how to create sustainable packaging that endures all its key qualities?

Akomex Group helps their clients find the answer to this question. The company which knows perfectly well that sustainability and environmental care are no longer the future, but the present of every business. – Nowadays we should start the creation of the new packaging from… the end. In the very beginning we must consider what happens to the packaging after the consumption. And what would be its impact on the environment. – clarifies Marcin Szumigaj, Business Implementation Manager in Akomex Group. Thinking about the environment already at the stage of designing the packaging is the key to create it in line with sustainability. The company, together with its clients, wonders how to improve the current packaging – in such a way so it protects the product more efficiently, stands out on a shelf and minimizes the negative impact on the environment.

To achieve this goal, it is necessary not only to have proper production facilities, but also to acquire current knowledge. – We cooperate with the leading paper manufacturers in the world. We follow market and consumer trends, as well as legal regulations that follow them. – emphasizes Marcin Szumigaj. – Moreover, we actively participate in research on the new properties of materials such as the reduction of layers while maintaining rigidity and mechanical parameters – adds Szumigaj.

First the analysis, then the prototype

The unique know-how and proficiency in adapting innovative solutions are the core of the service offered by Akomex Group. The key component of the offer is also the analysis of the existing packaging used by the client so far. How does it work? It happens sometimes that the walls of the packaging are thicker than necessary and the product is overly protected. In practice, it means that too much raw material was used to produce the packaging. And as a result, the negative impact on the environment is bigger. In that case the experts from Akomex Group try to find the right solution to reduce the used amount of raw materials for the packaging to be more sustainable. It can be done by changing the construction or reducing the basis weight of some of the components of the packaging, but keeping the required rigidity intact. Akomex Group has a Prototype Department, thanks to which testing a product in practice is not a problem. Additionally, the company presents its customers solutions regarding using recycled paper.

Eco-innovation on the German market

A good example of innovative thinking in the name of environmental care is the packaging for an organic yoghurt, co-produced by Akomex Group for the German grocery chain Aldi. It consists of a very thin layer of plastic and a paper band. After the consumption, the consumer can separate the band from the plastic packaging and throw away both parts to their respective waste containers. As a result, waste separation is easier. What is more, the paper band strengthens the packaging, ensures its stability and protects the product on every stage of the supply chain. Thanks to that the plastic part can be thinner and less raw material is used during the production, which has a positive impact on the environment.

– This solution has yet another enormous advantage over the Direct to Garment print – the plastic part is not contained with varnish or paints. That way it can be recycled and once again used to produce a packaging for food products – explains Marcin Szumigaj. DTG print doesn’t allow that, because aforementioned components from varnishes and paints contaminate the chemical composition of the packaging. And what about sleeve labels? Innovative packaging for Aldi considerably exceeds them in the field of sustainability. The production of sleeves requires additional amount of the petroleum-derived raw materials. It is also worth mentioning that the quality of print on the paper band is way better, as well as the colour saturation.

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