22 June 2020

In these days packaging is something far more than just protection of the product. It fulfils a lot of different and at the same time important functions – it is not just a source of information about the product and the manufacturer, it also must be safe for the client and the environment. It creates the image of the brand and builds trust for the organisation. Taking those into consideration, Akomex Group, which consists of companies: Akomex, DrukPak and Plano Pack, ensures that on every stage of production, even the strictest standards are fulfilled. All of this to hand over to the client the product of the highest quality.

Why is the quality a priority?

Choosing a manufacturer of packaging does not only depend on competitive prices. One of the most important factors that influences that selection is the guarantee ensuring the products are safe, and their production process is strictly controlled. There is no need to conduct complicated analysis of client’s needs to unambiguously state that when they place an order, they expect that production is performed in accordance to the most demanding standards – especially when it comes to packaging for food and pharmaceutical industry.

Certification system for Akomex Group companies

Operational activities which support quality-oriented strategy in Akomex Group have been carried out for many years. Numerous certificates obtained by the companies can testify this:

  • DrukPak (Aleksandrów Kujawski): ISO 9001:2015, ISO 15378:2015, ISO 14001:2015, FSC® CoC
  • Akomex (Starogard Gdański): ISO 9001:2015, ISO 15378:2015; BRCGS Packaging Materials v6, FSC® CoC
  • Plano Pack (Denmark): HACCP

Those obligatory standards are part of Quality Management System, whose goal is to ensure that obligatory requirements are abided by during production of packaging designed for direct and indirect contact with food and meant for pharmaceutical industry. Furthermore, certificates ISO 14001:2015 and FSC® CoC (Forest Stewardship Council®), as well as number of additional internal procedures, ensure minimal negative impact on the environment during implementation of production process.

BRCGS Packaging Materials v6 for Akomex Group

Even though the standards list is long, BRCGS Packaging Materials v6 deserves particular attention. This is an update of previous version (5) which includes manufacturers of packaging for food sector, and based on new requirements, defines one of the highest GHP standards in this industry (GHP – Good Hygienic Practice).

The audit in accordance with the new norm has already been carried out at Akomex Group on 6-7.05.2020 by certifying entity TÜV Rheinland Poland.  They have had confirmed high levels of GHP standards and implementation of new requirements from the updated version of BRCGS Packaging Materials v6 standard.

– Despite the difficult pandemic situation, we have implemented and applied all of the necessary preventative activities, and decided to audit which showed, that even in the face of such high danger, Akomex in Starogard Gdański is still working, and is not stopping – we are moving forward and with what a result. Rating of our standard which is “AA”, is the highest grade of food segment certification for planned audit – says Aleksandra Robak, Quality and Systems Director, Akomex Group. – Food industry is one of the strategic segments of the Group, therefore obtaining such a certificate was incredibly important for us. Let’s remember that BRC is fulfilment of the most compelling requirements our clients expect. Moreover, it is ensuring safety of production and what is more important – safety of our product on the market and final client. Ownership of that standard opens doors in a chain of supply for a lot of sectors in food industry, where most important factors are trust and guarantee of widely understood safety – adds Aleksandra Robak.

Benefits for the client

The answer to the question: why is it worth benefiting from Akomex Group offer, that i.e. has quality and pro-environmental certificates, is very simple. The greatest aim is to guarantee overall safety of the product – for food manufacturer and final client (consumer).

Process control at every stage of product production

At Akomex Group, safety of the product and client’s satisfaction are always the main point of reference during the whole process of production. That is why we take quality into consideration at every stage of manufacturing. For example the inspection systems that are implemented: EyeC Proofiler Graphic inspection system (it allows to control assembly stage in the graphic department),  EyeC Proofiler 600 DT system (thanks to which we can verify completeness and correctness of the printout at the initial stages of the process in the quality department), Roto-Braille system (Braille embossing control). Additionally, Akomex Group cooperates with an accredited, external laboratory which does research of product manufacturing for the food and pharmaceutical industry, as well as issues that are important for protection of the environment.


To rise up to the ever growing expectations of the market and clients, Akomex Group invested in buying and implementing multi-functional testing machine. It is used i.e. to perform friction tests, rigidity of the packaging, force needed for opening, force needed to use perforation, and scanning bar codes. The device allows to adjust the product to the technical requirements, as well as client’s preferences, which is a very important aspect, taking into consideration current market and our competition, and at the same time it is a complementary part of the company’s offer.

Quality, experience, flexibility

– We do not stand still, we grow and look to the future with optimism – says Aleksandra Robak. – For us, quality is the most important factor in achieving success and one of the key pillars of the Akomex Group, right next to experience and flexibility. That is why our priorities are development and investments, that allow us to implement the highest standards – she explains. Thanks to fulfilment of all the requirements, for many years Akomex Group has been a trusted partner of many national and international companies in Europe.

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