“I’m vaccinated. I have immunity” – CSR in the Akomex Group

1 July 2021

Corporate social responsibility is a priority for Akomex Group. We are aware that it is our employees and their close relatives that form a strong and unique community that we want and need to take care of. In doing so, we do not forget our external environment. By supporting local institutions, we contribute to a significant increase in the capacity of these institutions to protect our health and life.


Being aware of the importance of corporate social responsibility since the beginning of the pandemic, we have been involved in helping local communities. We co-financed the purchase of disinfection devices for the Voluntary Fire Brigade in Ciechocinek. The Group also handed over to the authorities of Aleksandrów Kujawski and Starogard Gdański personal protective equipment which came to their subordinate institutions, including, for example, hospitals, police, fire brigade and employees of the Municipal Social Assistance Centre.

This time, in the interest of our employees and their relatives, we have prepared a campaign “I have been vaccinated. I have immunity”. It is a pro-social initiative aimed at raising awareness of the importance of COVID 19 vaccination, as well as encouraging everyone to undergo such. Each of the vaccinated employees of Akomex Group will receive a T-shirt with a logo with a simple, funny text “ Fear nothing. I have been vaccinated. I have immunity” and additionally a coupon entitling to participate in a group lottery. Every month, awards will be drawn among our employees.

Vaccination is an opportunity not only for winning the lottery but, above all, for normality understood as returning to stationary work, green light for meetings with customers, external trainings and everything that seemed normal a year ago before the outbreak of the pandemic, and what the pandemic significantly reduced or completely took us, says Grzegorz Łajca, President of the Akomex Group.

The campaign will last until September.

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