Akomex with highest rating of AA+ in BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials certification process

We have a real reason to be happy! Akomex has just received the highest AA+ rating in the BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials certification process.


Akomex Group has completed the expansion of the plant in Aleksandrów Kujawski

Akomex Group has completed the expansion of the plant in Aleksandrów Kujawski. The new hall was built with an area of over 1,800 square meters, where new production lines will start operating this year. The investment was carried out with the support of Pomeranian Special Economic Zone as a part of Polish Investment Zone.


We support the OTOZ Animals shelter in Starogard Gdański

Our employees are full of empathy. This time they organised a donation of the most necessary things for animals from the OTOZ Animals shelter in Starogard Gdański.


Akomex Group with a brown EcoVadis medal for sustainable development

The Akomex Group has been rewarded with a brown medal by EcoVadis – a leading global rating agency, dealing with assessment of enterprises’ activities and practices from the perspective of corporate social responsibility and ecological involvement.


Akomex group increases production efficiency and focuses on ecology

Akomex Group decided to implement Kodak Prinergy prepress production control worflow, along with Spotless, ColorFlow and Rules-Based Automation (RBA) modules and the InSite portal. This will allow us to increase efficiency and automate processes, as well as significantly improve internal and external communication.


Stop the forgery process with Akomex Group

It is especially important to ensure that the medicine is protected and that the risk of counterfeiting is eliminated, since counterfeiting nowadays doesn’t only concern medicines, but increasingly often packaging. The protection of pharmaceutical packaging against counterfeiting is a priority for each medicine manufacturing company and for any printing house producing such packaging. Akomex Group is also developing its portfolio to address the needs of customers in the direction of possible ways to secure the packaging.


Innovation in Akomex Group – Conical trays

The possibility of eliminating plastic in packaging and replacing it with a material that is green and environmentally friendly seemed like fiction until recently. After all, it’s hard to imagine a world without plastic. While it will certainly be many years before there is a greater awareness of the importance of caring for the environment, we can already make a significant contribution by choosing cardboard packaging over packaging made from high-footprint materials.


We operate under the BRC standard

Akomex Group cares about the quality of its production and products with the utmost care. An evaluation of our year-round hard work is the reviews we receive after each of our many audits. This September provided another opportunity for us to evaluate our efforts on the BRC standard. It was especially valuable experience for us as the audit was conducted by the owner of the standard for the first time in history.


High customer satisfaction rate

Customer Satisfaction Survey is an activity that allows us to gather not only information about the best rated areas in Akomex Group. The most important value that this survey gives us is the analysis of the processes that are rated weakest by customers. This allows to verify their progress so we can look for solutions and implement corrective actions. Thus, we gain knowledge about our weaknesses and strengthen them on an ongoing basis, thereby adjusting to the needs of our customers, says Tomasz Siepielski, Vice President of the Management Board, Sales and Marketing Director of Akomex Group.


We operate in accordance with the BRC standard

Recently an audit of BRC standards took place at the headquarters of Akomex Group – the first one ever carried out by the food segment standard owner. For us it was a real test of the safety level of food packaging production. We are proud of the result, and the high level of our activities and daily service is confirmed by the result and summary of the BRCGS auditor.


“I’m vaccinated. I have immunity” – CSR in the Akomex Group

Corporate social responsibility is a priority for Akomex Group. We are aware that it is our employees and their close relatives that form a strong and unique community that we want and need to take care of. In doing so, we do not forget our external environment. By supporting local institutions, we contribute to a significant increase in the capacity of these institutions to protect our health and life.


Protection of packaging against counterfeiting

Falsification of medicinal products is a global phenomenon. This practice poses a direct threat to human health and life, and the falsification process may affect not only the medicinal product itself but also the packaging in which the medicine is stored. For this reason, one of the most important priorities of Akomex Group is to maintain a high production standard which as a result, is intended to release onto the market packaging which meets all the criteria for proper protection against counterfeiting.


Ecological barrier solutions

Ecology is becoming an integral part of our lives. Taking care of the environment is a challenge that production companies must also face. Akomex Group has long been working to protect the environment by ensuring sustainable development, using ecological solutions not only in the area of production, but also in the administrative structures. Do you want to know how we do this?


AkoWebApproval – even higher level of customer service

Remote management of the process of preparing graphic files for printing using a simple and intuitive system? Yes! At Akomex Group, we meet our customers’ expectations by facilitating the management of files, saving your time and facilitating communication with our employees.


The dreams of our Customers are the inspiration for our work

The dreams of our Customers are the inspiration for our work. To make these dreams come true, apart from the team of qualified specialists, we also need machines that allow high quality, modern and fast production in line with the expectations. Expansion of the machine park is a natural consequence of the company’s development, which DrukPak is experiencing year after year to an increasing extent.


Akomex Group once again appreciated by the customers

Satisfaction is a concept that directly relates to how a customer assesses a product or service offered. In case of such extensive business models as those operating in Akomex Group, the Customer Satisfaction Survey has become a permanent part of our annual schedule of activities. It concerns not only the assessment of satisfaction from the final product delivered, but primarily aims at gathering opinions about the quality of cooperation, communication and level of service.


Price changes in the packaging industry

2020 was a year full of challenges and uncertainty and the economic impact of the pandemic and the related market turmoil was (and will continue to be) felt by all industries. Changes and difficult decisions concerning prices were evident throughout the packaging industry, but Akomex Group, who were also facing these difficult decisions, acted by continuously optimizing its production processes. Thanks to this, to date the price increases have been absorbed but unfortunately, as a result of many complex global factors, we have now found ourselves in a position where an increase in our costs is inevitable.


ANTIVIR varnish – consumer safe packaging

When we talk about preventing the spread of SARS-CoV-2 (causing COVID-19), we cannot confine ourselves only to talking about masks or washing hands. The coronavirus also remains on surfaces, but it is not possible to disinfect each product, for example in a hypermarket. In addition, the effectiveness of such disinfection is short. Akomex Group packaging with ANTIVIR varnish having antiviral and antibacterial properties is the response to this problem.


Digimarc – technology of the future in Akomex Group

Barcode on the whole surface of packaging? It is hard to imagine, especially taking into account the increasingly high expectations of consumers towards their aesthetics. And what if such a code was practically unnoticeable for the consumer? This is how Digimarc works in very simple terms i.e. a digital watermark which can be put on the entire packaging. Digimarc has all functionalities of a barcode, however its use is much broader. The technology is more and more popular and may become a market standard soon.


Purchasing policy at Akomex Group

Recently, it has become clear that the activities of Akomex Group are extremely resilient to crisis situations in the market. Despite the unstable conditions associated with the spread of coronavirus, the Group’s factories have operated continuously, at full capacity, guaranteeing continuity of the supply chain even in difficult and unforeseen circumstances. This success is a result of, among other things, an effectively implemented purchasing strategy.


Skin tray – a novelty in the offer of Akomex Group

With the environment and, above all, customer satisfaction in mind, Akomex Group expands its offer with another innovative product – skin trays. This is a modern solution, with a reduced plastic content while maintaining special barrier properties. An additional advantage is the possibility to print any graphics on both sides of the tray.



Highest Quality confirmed with the certificate. Akomex Group priority is customers’ best interests and creating products of the highest quality. Those rules are connected to the rigorous use of appropriate standards and procedures. The customers can be sure that products prepared for them are safe, and their production process is strictly controlled. One of the reasons proving that Akomex Group is constantly striving towards improving quality of their services is recently obtained certificate BRCGS PACKAGING MATERIALS V6 (Akomex Company in Starogard Gdański) – which confirms complying with updated requirements for packaging manufacturers for the food industry.



In these days packaging is something far more than just protection of the product. It fulfils a lot of different and at the same time important functions – it is not just a source of information about the product and the manufacturer, it also must be safe for the client and the environment. It creates the image of the brand and builds trust for the organisation. Taking those into consideration, Akomex Group, which consists of companies: Akomex, DrukPak and Plano Pack, ensures that on every stage of production, even the strictest standards are fulfilled. All of this to hand over to the client the product of the highest quality.


Akomex Group – packaging with a sustainable touch

Without a doubt, packaging industry is developing in a dynamic way. Consumer’s expectations, trends and legal regulations are constantly changing. This requires active observation of changes in market requirements and accurate forecasting of future scenarios. At the same time, producers from different industries ask themselves a question: how to create sustainable packaging that endures all its key qualities?


Eco-friendly packaging with a paper banderole

The packaging industry has to face a new challenge – to create a product of the highest quality in terms of performance, but also to be completely safe for the environment. And although many solutions on the market meet the requirements of circular economy, the real opportunities for nature are innovations that minimize the use of plastic.


#AkomexGroup – we are helping!

Akomex Group handed over personal protection equipment to the authorities of Aleksandrów Kujawski and Starogard Gdański. The equipment was given to their subordinate institutions, including hospitals, fire brigades, and the police. This form of support is particularly important for those who fight coronavirus on the first front and are at most risk of infection.

The support of local institutions and services is part of the Akomex Group mission, implemented under the responsible business and  business committed to society programmes. We are glad that in the face of the difficult situation related to the spread of COVID-19, we can support those who now need extra help from outside. We hope that the personal protective equipment provided by us will contribute positively to the heroic fight that employees of units subordinate to the District Authority Office in Aleksandrów Kujawski and the Starogard Gdański City Council fight on a daily basis. With thanks for the effort and dedication the services put into their daily work, we would like to wish everyone a lot of health and perseverance.


Akomex Group Quality Management Policy in the aspect of coronavirus spread

The Quality Management Policy, implemented on a daily basis in #Akomex Group, imposes on us the obligation to ensure full safety of employees, production and the finished product.


Akomex Group continues investments in Machinery

Akomex Group is continuing the program of investments in Machinery launched in 2015. After purchasing automatic die cutters and a folding and gluing machine, a time has come to start up a modern printing machine at the DrukPak plant in Aleksandrów Kujawski.

Heidelberg Anicolor II has 7 printing units working with conventional inks and 2 varnishing towers. Additionally, the machine features an in-line UV varnish application system. The innovative Multicolor system applied in it enables the production of simulations of special colors in the same way as in the case of digital technology, at the same time maintaining the quality of offset printing.

Akomex group is consistently implementing the strategy of expanding its product range, increasing production capacities and improving process efficiency.


Akomex news – Seafood Expo

Seafood Expo Global which took place on 7-9th May in Brussels is now behind us. It is one of the world’s largest seafood trade expositions. As a leading packaging company in Europe, we couldn’t miss it.


Drukpak with FSC® certification

Drukpak Sp. z o.o. has been awarded the FSC® certificate. As a result, either of our production plants located in Poland, i.e. both the one located in Starogard Gdański, as well as in Aleksandrów Kujawski, have got the FSC® certificate.

The awarded certificate is the next step on the patch of the Group’s sustainable development strategy which has been implemented for several years, as well as a component of the implemented Business Continuity Plan, which guarantee safety and trustworthiness for our Clients.

The FSC® requirements implemented in the Akomex Group, enable the control of the flow of raw material at every stage of the production chain and, as a result, guarantee its origin from sources managed in a responsible and environmentally friendly manner.


Akomex Group wins the Art of Packaging contest

Once again, we have received an award in the prestigious Art of Packaging contest. This time, we won in the Flavour Packaging category for our limited edition packages for chocolate gingerbread cakes – Katarzynki. It was created to celebrate the 255th anniversary of the Kopernik company.

The Jury was appreciative of the packaging concept and complexity. The Katarzynki gingerbread cakes are baked in the city of Toruń according to a special recipe, out of dough which was left to age for 12 and 24 months. For that reason, we had to create something unique. The exclusive nature and rich decorations were achieved thanks to the double side offset printing technique with the use of a specific configuration of varnishes (matte Soft Touch, UV, and pigmented varnish). We also applied refinements – Hot Stamping and embossing.

The Art of Packaging award is all the more pleasing, because the packaging was created in the year when Akomex Sp. z o.o. celebrated its 25th anniversary.


Akomex Group at the Brussels fairs

We are pleased to inform you that we will be taking part in the Seafood Expo Global/Seafood Processing Global fairs. These are the largest fairs of the fish processing industry in the world, attracting 30 thousand people from 78 countries every year. They will be held on 7-9 May in Brussels.

Please visit our booth: Brussels Expo, hall 4, stall 5927.


A patent-worthy innovation

We have just introduced a groundbreaking product – cardboard croissant trays. This is a pioneering solution that is successfully replacing aluminium trays used before.
The trays are produced out of materials intended for direct contact with food. They can withstand 200 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes, they do not burn while reheating food, and their one side is fat-resistant.
An innovative construction of Akomex Group has been registered as a proprietary design throughout the EU.


Thank you for 2018!

The year we celebrated the 25th anniversary of Akomex Sp. z o.o. is behind us. Therefore, it is with even greater pleasure that we announce that we acquired many new customers which translated into record results!
We would like to thank all our partners for their cooperation and contributions to the development of our company. It is also thanks to you that Akomex Group is growing stronger on the European market.


Plano Pack at Akomex Group

We are growing! Akomex Group expands its competencies and strengthens its position on the European market. We have just made an investment in Plano Pack Denmark A/S, one of the leading producers of laminate cardboard packaging in Scandinavia.

Laminated trays and sheets are intended both for direct contact with food, as well as non-food products. For reasons of safety and reliability they enjoy high levels of customer approval.

Thanks to this transaction, Akomex Group has strengthened its position as a leading supplier of packaging for fish and food producers in Europe. Combining know-how, experience, and production capacity of Akomex Group and Plano Pack will enable synergy in the areas of innovation, offer development, and supply chain optimisation. All this will also translate to further development of our customer service on the European market.