Akomex Group with a brown EcoVadis medal for sustainable development

29 March 2022

The Akomex Group has been rewarded with a brown medal by EcoVadis – a leading global rating agency, dealing with assessment of enterprises’ activities and practices from the perspective of corporate social responsibility and ecological involvement.

The Akomex Group received the brown medal from EcoVadis as a result of assessment made in 4 fields: environmental, social, ethical and in the field of a supply chain.

The certificates such as EcoVadis will become a significant element of the process of selecting contracting parties in the future, in the context of growing expectations of stakeholders towards taking into account by companies the responsibility for their impact on the natural and social environments. The authentic and supported by facts proceeding in the spirit of “sustainability” has a chance of coming into being as an important factor of the competitive advantage in the market.

– Receipt of the EcoVadis sustainable development certificate at the brown level is a confirmation of our beliefs and efforts. It is also a beginning of the path along which the Akomex Group wants to follow in the future. In particular, looking from the perspective of the good of next generations, at present there is no alternative to business actions taking into consideration the protection and reasonable management of our planet’s resources explains Grzegorz Łajca, a President of the Akomex Group.

EcoVadis is a rating agency evaluating suppliers’ operations and practices in the field of their corporate social responsibility. Customers are assessed from 0 to 100 points granted as part of four issues: natural environment, social actions, ethics and a supply chain. This assessment is carried out by means of a comprehensive methodology on the basis of international standards, such as Global Reporting Index (GRI), ISO 26000 and Global Compact assumptions. Suppliers are evaluated in terms of corporate social responsibility taking into account the sector of activities, size and location.

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