We operate under the BRC standard

22 November 2021

Akomex Group cares about the quality of its production and products with the utmost care. An evaluation of our year-round hard work is the reviews we receive after each of our many audits. This September provided another opportunity for us to evaluate our efforts on the BRC standard. It was especially valuable experience for us as the audit was conducted by the owner of the standard for the first time in history.

The highest quality and safety of production and products are a priority for Akomex Group and set the direction of our activities. Thanks to our certificates and the internally implemented Integrated Quality Management System, our customers can be sure that we are a competent partner for them. The BRC audit, the first time ever conducted by the owner of the standard, was a test for us in terms of the safety of production of food packaging.

The result of this audit confirms the validity of our solutions and makes us proud. Quality, next to Experience and Flexibility, is the pillar on which we build the activity of Akomex, so it is a key value for us, says Tomasz Siepielski, Vice President of the Board, Sales and Marketing Director of Akomex Group.

During the audit, all elements of certification were checked with the utmost care in three categories: paper production and converting, flexible plastic production, and printing technology. In all categories the auditors highly evaluated the solutions applied in Akomex.

When it comes to the quality of our production, we make no concessions and use no half measures; every element of the process is scrupulously controlled. We are aware of our responsibility for the health of the consumers to whom our products reach, so meticulousness is a priority in this area, adds Tomasz Siepielski.

For our customers, the BRC certificate is a guarantee that we are a trustworthy partner, and for us – proof that the procedures we implement are of highest quality.

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