Solid cardboard packaging

  • A range of weights from 180 to 700 g/m2
  • Solid cardboard packaging made of: virgin fibre cardboard , recycled or kraft board
  • Folding cartons with multicolour offset print and waterbased and UV varnish – also in low-migration technology
  • Packagings with a fat and water barrier for direct contact with food
  • Packagings adapted to automatic packing lines and various constructions for manual packaging
  • Refined packaging
    • Varnishing (dispersion, UV, oil, hybrid and others)
    • Iriodin application
    • Laminating with gold and silver foil
    • Braille application
    • Hot foil stamping
    • Foil window patching Single-level and 3D clinching of graphical elements

Non-standard solutions:

  • sleeves
  • trays
  • multipacks
  • gift sets

Multi-point gluing of packaging (up to 6 points):

  • complex constructions with additional pockets and walls
  • product protection solutions
  • alternatives for rigid box packaging

Gluing machines equipped with:

  • code readers for automatic product control
  • glue trail verification modules (ensuring proper gluing quality)

System for 100% cardboard boxes print control in an additional off-line process (dedicated machine for inspections with a 4D detection camera).

A system for electronic, comparative control of reference and production files – EyeC Proof (ensures that a product in accordance with customer expectations is directed for production).

Technological capability to secure the packaging:

  • Holograms application
  • Microprinting
  • Varnishing methods (twin effect, special varnish, coin reactive)
  • Offset methods (latent print)
  • Individual constructions for special order (e.g. tamper evidence solutions)


  • Single-colour or multi-colour, doublesided offset print
  • Offset paper grammage range between 40 and 70 g/m2
  • Folding machines allow for parallel and transverse folding of leaflets depending on individual needs of our customers
  • Leaflet production machines:
    • rolling printing machine – additionally equipped with a system for 100% control of in-line printing
    • 4-stream cuttingand folding machine
  • Full optimisation production processes

Additional services:

  • banding
  • pressing
  • foil wrapping
  • cross-creasing of folded leaflets


  • Labels produced on paper or foil
  • Labels produced on a silicone or foil base
  • Flexo technology
  • Lines for printing and rolling
  • Rolling machines equipped with electronic systems for 100% in-line print inspection system
  • Full colour print, also with UV inks, up to 8 colours in one pass
  • Upon customer request, individually numbered labels (on the base).

Trays and laminated sheets


  • for the food sector (for direct contact with food)
  • for non-food products

Compliance with restrictive norms concerning products that come in contact with food

  • most recognized certificate in the industry – BRC/IoP (British Retail Consortium and Institute of Packaging)

Advantages of laminated trays:

  • maintaining taste, nutritional, and aesthetic qualities of food
  • high resistance to moisture, air, and fats
  • ideal for portioning fish, meat, cheese slices and pastries
  • storage both in room temperature, as well as a refrigerator or freezer

One and two side lamination

Our offer includes:

  • Trays based on recycled paper and virgin vibres with PET or BOPP lamination
  • Trays with multicolor or transparent lamination
  • Trays with metallic or non-metallic lamination (Metal Free)
  • Trays with or without printing
  • Trays dedicated to use in high temperatures (180-200 degrees)
  • Laminated sheets for tray production