• Supply chain guarantee.
  • Lead times adjusted to customer requirements.
  • Business Continuity Plan.
  • Diverse machine park that allows the production process to be optimised for small, medium, and large production runs.
  • Dedicated, integrated IT system.


  • We have over 25 years of experience in packaging production for multiple sectors, brands, and products
  • We create both simple packaging, as well as complex and highly processed constructions.
  • We design and adjust packaging to individual needs of the customers, taking account of the product characteristics, expected effect on the shelf, as well as logistics and packing process requirements.
  • We support our customers throughout the process of packaging implementation creation, from concept to tests and production
  • Our machinery allows us to carry out both small and large production runs, taking account of the specificity and requirements concerning the customer’s packing process
  • We help our customers to optimise time to market


  • We operate in accordance with the Integrated Quality Management System Policy.
  • Our R&D Department creates dedicated solutions that take account of the trends in packaging design and production, such as environmental protection and reducing plastic consumption.
  • We cooperate with our suppliers and customers in searching for and implementing new solutions in accordance with current trends and market needs.
  • Our packaging is environmentally friendly and characterised by high resistance to climate conditions.
  • We have an internal laboratory to certify packaging quality and technical parameters.
  • We use raw materials of the highest quality that guarantee proper aesthetics of the product.
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