Innovation in Akomex Group – Conical trays

22 November 2021

The possibility of eliminating plastic in packaging and replacing it with a material that is green and environmentally friendly seemed like fiction until recently. After all, it’s hard to imagine a world without plastic. While it will certainly be many years before there is a greater awareness of the importance of caring for the environment, we can already make a significant contribution by choosing cardboard packaging over packaging made from high-footprint materials.

Investment in the purchase of a machine for forming spatial packaging is another action aligned with the sustainable production policy of Akomex Group. Modernization of the machine park and supplementing it with a state-of-the-art machine that will allow customers to ditch the plastic packaging and replace it with paper, is a continued effort to protect the environment. Ecological barrier solutions that we effectively implement at Akomex Group make it possible to eliminate plastic from packaging, while preserving its key properties.

Our team is always looking for new solutions to offer our customers. We dress these ideas in real shapes, so we can offer solutions that will become market standards tomorrow. Since November we have been coming out with an offer to produce spatial packaging in various shapes, including the possibility of closing. It is a solution that perfectly meets consumer needs, says Marcin Szumigaj, Business Implementation Manager at Akomex Group.

The opportunities presented by the new technology are vast and will certainly be expanded in our projects. Activities within the area of printing of conical trays with multi-point gluing are a proposal primarily for companies operating in the food industry, since paper packaging is an excellent alternative to those made of plastic. Moreover, printing technologies based on proper selection of varnishes and inks as well as correct cardboard coating allow us to achieve comparable final parameters to packaging made of plastic.

We come out to our customers with a really good, carefully thought out and beneficial offer, offering solutions that fill a market need for plastic reduction. Interest in our tests exceeded our expectations, and we are all the more pleased that the direction we have chosen is a part of the Sustainable Development Policy developed within Akomex Group, adds Marcin Szumigaj.

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