High customer satisfaction rate

22 November 2021

Customer Satisfaction Survey is an activity that allows us to gather not only information about the best rated areas in Akomex Group. The most important value that this survey gives us is the analysis of the processes that are rated weakest by customers. This allows to verify their progress so we can look for solutions and implement corrective actions. Thus, we gain knowledge about our weaknesses and strengthen them on an ongoing basis, thereby adjusting to the needs of our customers, says Michalina Miłkowska, Manager of Customer Service Department of Akomex Group.

During the summer, as every year, we conducted a survey among our customers to assess their satisfaction with the cooperation with Akomex Group. This study always refers to a specific period of the year. This time, we verified customer feedback for the first six months of this year.

We were very pleased with this year’s results, which allowed us to once again exceed our goal of 90%. A score of 93% is especially gratifying as we continue to work under difficult conditions caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

We appreciate the high scores in areas related to direct customer service. For us, they mean that the service we provide to our customers is of a high, world-class standard, and the way we organize our work and the solutions that have proven themselves over the years are valuable to our customers.

A few years ago in Akomex Group we introduced a model to ensure the highest standard of service. Its backbone is a team of caregivers dedicated to a specific client. Customers appreciate it because it is a guarantee of security and communication for them, as well as a sense of support from professionals, adds Michalina Miłkowska.

We are also very pleased with the good score in timeliness of delivery. A high score in this parameter is a reward for all those involved in the process of securing raw materials and other components necessary for production. Limited availability, prolonged lead times for cardboard, as well as the uncertainty surrounding the possibility of further restrictions in the fall and winter, pose many challenges in terms of meeting delivery deadlines. So we appreciate the patience, understanding and flexibility our customers show in these difficult situations.

We would like to thank all customers for participating in the survey and invite you to the next one, which is planned for  the first months of next year.

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