Akomex Group once again appreciated by the customers

22 March 2021

Satisfaction is a concept that directly relates to how a customer assesses a product or service offered. In case of such extensive business models as those operating in Akomex Group, the Customer Satisfaction Survey has become a permanent part of our annual schedule of activities. It concerns not only the assessment of satisfaction from the final product delivered, but primarily aims at gathering opinions about the quality of cooperation, communication and level of service.

Last year was difficult not only for the printing industry. The restrictions introduced, the feeling of instability and the uncertainty of the next day caused a lot of confusion in almost every industry. What has become even more important in such a difficult and challenging time is, above all, mutual trust, responsibility and cooperation.

Therefore, we were delighted to receive the results of the Customer Satisfaction Survey for 2020 which confirmed that the values cultivated in Akomex Group are visible and, most importantly, appreciated by customers. The number of feedback questionnaires received gave us a solid foundation to draw the right conclusions. The target set for 2020 was very high and assumed a result of at least 90%. It is therefore important for us that because of your high assessments, despite the many challenges and difficulties associated with the coronavirus pandemic, we have succeeded in exceeding this target.

First of all, on behalf of the entire Management Board of Akomex Group, I would like to thank our customers for participating in the survey and giving us such a high assessment. The value of 92% is a very good reason to be happy for us. For many years we have been combining dynamic development with constant improvement of the conditions of cooperation, resulting in the ever increasing level of your satisfaction. We want to be a partner who meets your expectations at the highest level – says Tomasz Siepielski, Vice-President of the Management Board, Sales Director of Akomex Group.

Strong involvement of our customers, resulting in a large number of completed surveys, is a real motivation for us to work even harder. We proudly received feedback assessing the quality of service from our Customer Service Departments, Sales Departments and Implementation Area Employees. We are also pleased with the high marks related to cooperation in difficult, non-standard situations. In Akomex Group we take care to ensure that our customers feel they can count on us in any situation. We always check each of the options, doing our best to professionally meet all requests addressed to us. Even those that may seem impossible to meet.

The results of surveys for the next year in a row confirmed that for Akomex Group the impossible does not exist. Our customers perceive us as a stable, trustworthy partner. Thanks to the received marks we know that we cannot rest on our laurels and we are taking further steps on the road to continuous improvement of satisfaction levels.

Thank you for such a large participation in the Survey and we already encourage you to take part in the next survey which is planned for July.



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