Stop the forgery process with Akomex Group

22 November 2021

It is especially important to ensure that the medicine is protected and that the risk of counterfeiting is eliminated, since counterfeiting nowadays doesn’t only concern medicines, but increasingly often packaging. The protection of pharmaceutical packaging against counterfeiting is a priority for each medicine manufacturing company and for any printing house producing such packaging. Akomex Group is also developing its portfolio to address the needs of customers in the direction of possible ways to secure the packaging.

In earlier editions of our newsletter we have already described some of the ways which we successfully apply in Akomex Group. Let us remind you that the methods of effectively protecting the packaging against counterfeiting are:

  • coin reactive – an application of a special, invisible paint on the packaging which is visible when contacting copper, e.g. by rubbing with the edge of the coin;
  • twin effect – application of a special combination of gloss and matt varnishes;
  • microprint – printing microscopic information on the surface of the package that is not visible to naked eye;
  • NSS code – printing small, invisible to the naked eye elements on the entire surface of the box;
  • identification of tampering with the packaging – design of closing flaps using various types of structures and perforations.

In this edition, we will bring you closer to the next methods of protecting the packaging against counterfeiting.

One of them is the printing with fluorescent inks. This solution consists in printing on the packaging the customer’s symbol or text which is invisible in the daylight. It can only be seen in UV light.

Another effective technique of protecting the packaging against counterfeiting is a hologram. This is a method based on the use of multicolour foils and stamping. The marking so prepared shall not be scanned or copied and shall be very simple to identify the authenticity of the product. This solution, in addition to the function of securing packaging, also has an additional value which is the original, offbeat and eye-catching appearance, says Tomasz Siepielski, Sales and Marketing Director of Akomex Group. Such a piece of packaging, from the marketing perspective, is distinguished from others and certainly stands out more, which in turn means that it will be chosen more frequently from among others on the shelf, he adds.

In our offer, on special request we also have the possibility to use a latent code. This solution consists in printing the entire surface of the packaging with micropoints which are not visible to the naked eye. The layout of these points is confidential and defined directly by the customer. The verification of such a protection may be carried out only by means of special measuring apparatus.

It is extremely important for us to follow the needs of the market by developing the packaging offer with respect to counterfeit security, because we are aware of the consequences for our customers of falsification of their products. And we are even more willing to cooperate in this area, while analysing various options together with our specialists and verifying any idea that could result in offering our customers another effective way of securing packaging against counterfeiting, adds Siepielski.

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